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    I created this website to promote awareness regarding Domestic Violence, Workplace Violence, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault and other forms of Abuse. As you explore, you’ll quickly find I’m a little unconventional with how I promote awareness. I try to educate people through my various literary works and community relations.

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    My inspiration, those that are not strong enough to speak for themselves. My goal is to bring awareness and education to Domestic Violence,Workplace Violence, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault and other forms of Abuse. For businesses, I assist decision-makers with increasing their workplace environments by addressing workplace relations. The aim is to help leaders understand the current company environment by utilizing measurements to identify affecting factors, provide recommendations, and implement resolution i.e. education, referrals, etc. For individuals, I encourage a positive journey of self-discovery and personal development which focuses on the total aspects of self-awareness: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. But mostly, helping victims comprehend, It’s OK to Tell THEIR Story!

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    Be mad, get angry, be frustrated...but then let God handle it. Read more

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    GWENDOLEN WILDER is a United States Air Force retired Veteran, who served twenty-one honorable years in the military, both domestically and internationally. Prior to retirement, Gwendolen started and ran a successful multi-million dollar global business providing alternate dispute resolution, equal opportunity investigation/counseling, and training to government and civilian companies. During her 27 year professional journey, Gwendolen has carried the titles of Applied Behavioral Analysis Tutoring Therapist, Rape Crisis Center Hotline Operator, Mediator, Mediation Trainer, Sexual Harassment Compliance Training Instructor, EO Counselor and Investigator, and Instructional Trainer, providing education in the aforementioned specialties.

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  • More

    It's Ok To Tell My Story

    In her spare time, Gwendolen works as an English language teacher, Sexual Harassment Compliance Training Instructor and encourages domestic violence victims at a local shelter to transition from addicts and victim to survivors. Gwendolen put her life experiences and her three degrees in Business Management, Social Services, and Applied Behav ioral Analysis to work developing checklists, action plans and providing resources to help readers break the cycle of abuse and live a survivor’ s life.

    Gwendolen get’s asked all the time, What makes your story different from another victims? The answer, Nothing and Everything. Nothing because, her story is not more important as the victim before or after her. Everything, because she’s being unapologetic and vulnerable using her particular story to tell other victims 'It's OK to tell their story'. In doing so, hopefully bringing awareness to end victim blaming and educating people that there still are many many more victims out there and as a society, We Must" do something about this.

    Gwendolen is single and at peace being the divorced parent to her awesome son, Donald Austin, and their puppy, Tank. She also went back to what she loves, which is counseling; she volunteered as a domestic violence group facilitator for Child Protective Service families, where she assisted with family reunification. Many people perceive domestic violence as not their problem because they don’t understand it or why victims choose to stay. Gwendolen is grateful to be able to share her fictional stories as a way of self-healing and in the hopes of helping other victims know they are not alone and that they are worthy to experience true love as God intended. Also, she wanted to arm friends, family, and coworkers with information to better understand domestic violence; this is why she is creating a self-management series.

    The self-management series will be non-fiction books that use serious and lighthearted tones to discuss being on a journey of self-awareness to improve personal development. The seriesfocuses on the total aspects of self-awareness: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. The journey of self-awareness is a process and is not as easy as just wa lking to your car, it takes great resilience. Gwendolen uses her subject matter expertise and educational background in-conjunction with other resources and exercises, to inspire individuals in despair to break the cycles of low self-esteem, decreased happiness and discouragement.